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of plan b to get to los angeles. >> is found out our flight was canceled so we are just going to drive down to -- we were going to l.a. for a wedding. we are going to drive to l.a. as fast as we can hopefully without too many speeding tickets. >> reporter: doug jakel is the sfo spanning. even though his police force is amped up on a day like today, he says tsa hasn't increased its security. >> we'll stay in touch with them should there be any decisions on changes to security procedures. thus far there haven't been any. >> reporter: 100 flights take off from l.a.x. to sfo every day meaning when l.a.x. sneezes, sfo can easily catch a cold. southwest and virgin airlines got hardest hit. we found many disappointed passengers like antoine peron, who was supposed to fly to l.a.x. and vacation with friends. >> supposed to be 1:15, my flight was canceled and we were rescheduled to 3:35. >> reporter: these friends switched airports to get in earlier. >> so we took a ticket to southwest that flies into orange county. >> right now, all of the airlines that operate between sfo and l.a.x. can expec
service in los angeles celebrated the life of hernandez, the tsa officer killed in shooting spree at lax airport last month. other wounded tsa agents were among the hundreds of firemen and community who came to honor hernandez. attorney holder spoke calling hernandez a hero. >>> social media is fueling a murder charge against a bay area might. he's accused of hitting two cyclist in pleasanton last june while driving more than 80 miles per hour. one of the cyclist was killed. how the teen's online bragging is putting this case in the national spotlight. >> reporter: 18-year-old cody hall has certainly gained a lot of attention because of otherwise twitter, instagram and facebook photos prior to the collision. he was in court today and he is still in jail without bail. >> it has been five months since the victim was on sunday bike ride with her husband when she was struck and killed along foothill road. police reports say 18-year-old cody hall of 83 miles per hour when he lost control of the car. the victim was killed instantly. her suffered a broken leg. hall's family and friends showed u
thought of as an outdoor problem inside the home. in downtown los angeles, louisa hodge, kpix 5. >> because of cooking with gas burners, they say as many as 12 million californians are exposed to levels of nitrogen dioxide above healthy standards. who knew? >>> did you hear about the expensive electronics accidentally shoulder on walmart's website for a few bucks? coming up in consumerwatch, why walmart may have to honor those prices according to california law. >> inside the secret party tunnels buried under california. now in danger of being destroyed. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, something fixed on your car. and then you get a notice t een recalled and the >>> with so many recalls on cars these days odds are this may happen to you. you pay to get something fixed and get a notice the part is recalled and the manufacturer will fix it for free. so if you have already paid, do they have to reimburse you? on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains, it's a little complicated. >> reporter: yeah. the law requires that they reimburse you if it's a recall. but many car companies get around that b
because we have the jet stream dipping well to the south. it is los angeles, even portions of northern mexico and the gulf of california. they are going to see rainfall but we'll miss it. thanksgiving will be rain-free as that guy scoots down to the south and after that, here comes another ridge of high pressure meaning a dry northwest flow of air that's going to be a dry end to a dry month, another month below normal, november about half of our normal rainfall. we'll be sunny and dry for the next several days starting friday. tomorrow, pretty cloudy, but your thanksgiving highs will be close to normal if not a couple of degrees above. concord 64, oakland 66. 63 in san francisco. santa rosa 64. mostly cloudy skies in mountain view with a high of 65. sunshine back on friday, sunshine around all weekend long, put out those christmas lights this weekend because next week look what's coming. cooler cloudier wetter -- not a huge storm but it's going to be chilly. snow level dropping to 3500 feet by next tuesday. mid-50s for highs. coldest weather since last march. >> a lot of lights going
of a bullet train to los angeles has not captured the public's imagination like traveling to the moon did. >>> a live look now at john f.kennedy high school in freemont where a vigil for a beloved coach is just now getting underway. students brought items to remember the 76-year-old john webb who died early saturday morning on interstate 680. chp says webb was trying to direct traffic after a crash when he was hit by another car. he was considered an institution even after he retired. some say he was planning a coaching comeback. >> we take you back live to that vigil which just started at 6:00 tonight. the high school is also planning to hold a celebration of mr. webb's life some time before christmas. >>> dna evidence has led to a break through in a 23-year-old cold case murder. steven rudiger's body was found backing in 1990 along the road. investigators questioned his ex- wife, but a boyfriend didn't have the evidence they needed until now. we the two were arrested and are now charged in the killing. rudiger's family has a sigh of relief tonight. >> kind of like misbelief. kind of lik
evacuated. we'll keep an eye on this story near los angeles. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >>> here's a live look at the black friday crowds in milpitas. the parking lot at the great mall packed. shoppers have been taking advantage of deals since 8:00 last night. you're better off on foot. kpix 5's brian webb live in emeryville where bay street has been busy all day. >> reporter: oh, yeah, allen. we have seen 40, 50, 60% off signs everywhere sucking in shoppers and it seemed to be working. we have seen busy streets, crowded sidewalks and long lines with shoppers willing to wait for a good deal. at big bag stores like old navy big sales draw big crowds. the goal, separating customer from cash. >> got up this morning, got ready and jumped in the car and came down. >> we intended to come down here for one sale and we ended up going to several. >> reporter: with six fewer shopping days this season, retailers are bending over backwards to beat average expectations employing deeper discounts and longer store hours. >> it's exciting that we're getting such a great crowd in today
speculation google may tow that barge or barges to los angeles. it might move the entire operation south to avoid the strict environmental regulations in place to protect san francisco bay. >> you got to love this thing because google can say anything it wants. it can be a landing pad for aliens for all we know. they can tell us anything they want. there's no holding their feet to the fire on this. what about permits, though? >> reporter: they still haven't. no. i did speak with the head of the bay conservation and development commission today. that agency would be the one to issue a permit. bcdc has to be convinced what google wants to do can only be done on the water that they can't do it on land. >> the next sound you hear is the chain coming up and them heading to l.a., guarantee it. thank you. >>> in other bay area news, a two-alarm fire this morning in san francisco's inner richmond displaced eight people. the fire started at about 3:45 a.m. in a building on clement street between funston and 12th avenue. no one was hurt but we are told the business that uses the building was dest
. >> reporter: the usfl was dead set on signing young. while steinberg continued to say no, the los angeles express continued to up the ante. >> by the time we were done, we had a $42 million contract for four years that made worldwide headlines. >> gobble, gobble, gobble. some giant turkey. >> reporter: long before jim harbaugh resurrected the 49ers, he was the sought-after quarterback at michigan. is he the same harbaugh that we see today? >> first thing that happened is he had a bad case of chickenpox when he went up for his initial press conference. so i asked someone how he had done in chicago. you know, you got a sort of nice looking client. he is very articulate and he would actually be handsome if he had a better complexion. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bartkowski, young and harbaugh a handful of people that steinberg helped become millionaires as he became a super agent. >> "show me the money"! >> congratulations. >> reporter: he went from being a big name in sports to a big name in hollywood with the release of jerry maguire. >> do speak still shout out "show me the money"? do you s
't here anymore. it's down southwest of los angeles and san diego. that's opening up the door for the storms to work further south. as that happens the rain doesn't stop at the california border. it moves all the way down. we will get the rainfall this time. it's only a temporary change but we'll take it. the rain is moving in. let's talk about how much rain we'll get. this is our futurecast. our computer saying what's going to happen over the next two or three days? let's look at the rainfall totals. wednesday even half inch for santa rosa, 1.5 for ukiah, quarter inch, it's a start, for san jose, hayward, redwood city and santa cruz. so the rain is coming. it will be here tonight. tomorrow it will be soggy. highs tomorrow in the afternoon when it's still raining concord 61. san jose 62. oakland 63. pretty close to average but it will be cloudy and thankfully wet outside. livermore 63 tomorrow. napa only 58. and san rafael 61. soggy on wednesday, as well. once the front gets here it will stall over the bay area. rain will stick around on wednesday. sunshine is back by late thu
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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